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In an industry first, Virox® Technologies, has taken a leading, pro-active approach to keeping spas and salons safe for their employees and clients. “Providing education for the effective use of our patented disinfectant technology within healthcare facilities, on cruise ships and airplanes, and even in outer space (aboard the International Space Station), has enabled us to introduce this exciting initiative to the professional beauty market,” announced Nicole Kenny, Vice President of Professional and Technical Services at Virox Technologies.

The company has launched a FREE online tool that creates customized cleaning and disinfecting protocols tailored to the individual needs of professional beauty facilities across America. The spread of viruses and bacteria through surface contamination is one of the ways infections can proliferate but it’s the “least understood method of outbreak prevention,” reveals Kenny.

Salons and spas have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. They were the first to be closed, the last to open and continue to face an uncertain future given the threat of resurgence and the onset of the flu season just months away. If the professional beauty industry is to continue to open its doors with confidence, they’ll need to use every means possible to create safe, germ-free environments for their staff and general public.

“How, where and when to disinfect high-touch surfaces, equipment and devices is not as intuitive as wearing a mask, hand sanitizing or maintaining social distancing,” says Kenny. The significance for the salon and spa worker is the risk of physical exposure to deadly pathogens that can remain a source of infection for days if not dealt with properly.

Virox’s online tool is a much-needed resource that simplifies disinfection by pinpointing at-risk areas and providing step by step instructions to eliminate viruses and bacteria in their tracks. “For the first time, customized protocols created by individual salons or spas take the guesswork out of disinfection” says Kenny “facilitating the highest standard of protection, user compliance and most importantly—individual safety.”