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ViroxTechnologies Inc, makers of Prevention HLD8 Tool Disinfectant, offer a special Buy One, Get One promotion for a limited time through Universal Companies. Prevention HLD8 is a hospital-grade, FDA-approved, high-level disinfectant designed for the disinfection of your reusable tools and implements. It destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi in only 8 minutes. The solution can be reused for up to 21 days in a soaking tray. Simple to use, with no dilution required, and exceeds most state guidelines.

“Having learned early in my nail career about the importance of disinfection and the importance of science, finding HLD8 felt like a perfect match. Using Rejuvenate’s Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® based products in the salon enabled me to elevate my standard of disinfection so that my clients were better protected.” – Holly Schippers, The Finger Nail Fixer.