Every state within the United States has specific regulations that must be followed when operating a salon or spa. Not only do these guidelines ensure that your clients and team remain safe and healthy, but they help you to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and service. To review your state’s guidelines, click here.

To make things a little bit easier, we have created a simple checklist to help keep you organized:

  • Is the salon or spa well-lit, clean and organized?
  • What cleaning and disinfection procedures must be followed within the state that the business is operating in?
  • Are tools being reprocessed property in-between clients, and are they in good condition?
  • Are hand washing signs visible for clients and team members?
  • Are proper storage areas available to prevent contamination of disinfected items?
  • Are gloves worn when needed?
  • Do clients know how to care for their skin, hair or nails after the treatment?
  • Do team members know their responsibilities in providing a safe and healthy space for their clients?

This checklist is a quick reminder for monitoring certain areas of your business therefore the needs of your clients and team members are always met!