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The importance of infection prevention and control has never been more crucial in protecting you and your clients. In your day-to-day practices, you may now be asking yourself, “how can I provide the best services for my clients while maintaining a safe environment?”

Let’s take a tour of your practice and learn what the New Norm looks like.

Set the Tone for Your Client’s Visits

Considering the recent pandemic and the public’s increased knowledge of how germs are spread, having your massage practice look clean may not be enough to provide comfort and confidence to your clients. If you did not have protocols in place before the pandemic, your new norm will involve procedures for cleaning and disinfecting these high contact surfaces and non-treatment areas at least once a day.

As you are aware, many pathogens can be spread by hands after contacting contaminated surfaces, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19. At reception areas, you will now have disinfectant wipes effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These wipes will provide convenient disinfection of your point of sale (POS) equipment, counters, and other hightouch areas, including keyboards and phones.

The need for your clients to relax and receive massage therapy is at an all-time high. However, with the nature of massage therapy being so hands-on, you will now be extra vigilant. Once your client enters the room, they will notice the cleanliness and layout of the massage table. You will have ensured all linens are properly laundered beforeuse and any disposable covers are replaced. You will have appropriately cleaned and disinfected any reusable surfaces, the massage table, and thoroughly wiped the face cradle. The disinfection of the cover and bed is still required as linens do not offer protection against all pathogens or body oils. With increased disinfection between every client, you have also selected a compatible disinfectant that will not damage your treatment tables and face cradles.

For clients undergoing massage treatments involving equipment such as cups, stones or rollers, you will take additional care for these items. With stones or dry cupping treatments on intact skin, the equipment can be conveniently pre-cleaned and sprayed or wiped with your EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant. Your recently cleaned equipment will air dry and be placed in a clean labeled container for the next client.

Get Certified

The practice of infection prevention is not new to massage therapists like you gave regulations, state guidelines, and best practices that have been in place for decades. Now is the time to refresh your knowledge and understand the impact germs can have on your massage practice. Rejuvenate offers a free online educational module covering germ basics and best infection prevention practices. After you complete the 45-minute course, you will have the option to print your certificate with your name on it immediately.

Show Your Commitment to Safety

Be proud of the steps you’re taking to maintain a germ-free facility. Displaying your certificate, tent cards, and disinfection protocols allows you to engage with your clients and share your advanced awareness and knowledge of infection prevention. Tent cards can also be a way of letting your clients know you’ve taken disinfecting steps between each service.