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Many spa and salon owners focus on creating the most comfortable space for their clients. The atmosphere and quality of services are certainly important. However, they are looking at how tools are being used, how the salon or spa is being managed, and how team members are completing their work.

To better understand how your business measures up, you and your team need to look at your salon or spa in the eyes of the client. Through conducting a client satisfaction test (many of which can be found by a simple search on Google), you can determine if your salon or spa meets their needs or falls short.

Here are a few simple questions to get you started;

  1. Are team members knowledgeable about products, ingredients, and best practices?
  2. Does your team explain each service in detail to ensure that the client knows what is involved?
  3. Are tools stored properly in labeled containers that prevent contamination?
  4. Do team members practice good hygiene?
  5. Are sheets, towels, and pillow cases changed between patients and are stain-free?
  6. Is there a wide variety of products that meet the client’s needs such as nail polish, facial creams, and even products that are hypoallergenic or are designed for different skin types?
  7. Is the space clean and well-organized? Are bathrooms and common areas cleaned and disinfected regularly?
  8. Is dust visible on shelving, ceiling fans, window sills, picture frames, etc.?
  9. Does your team wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when necessary such as face masks, gloves, etc.?

How did you do? This test will help your salon or spa work towards meeting the needs of your clients!