We know how passionate you are about helping your clients look their best. That’s why you work hard to keep your spa clean and safe for your clients. As the media shows, an outbreak or a negative review can harm your business and keep you from doing the work that you love! While health inspections can be stressful, they are necessary to ensure that your business operates safely. Here are 3 tips to help you avoid health inspection violations:

1. Keep Surfaces Clean and in Good Condition

A clean and well-kept spa environment is not only inviting to your clients, but also meets your inspectors requirements. Make certain all of your surfaces including Massage and Facial Tables, Manicure Stations, Warming Equipment, Reception areas, Counter tops and other surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Also, regularly replace or repair furniture if any form of damage is present, as it will impact your ability to clean and disinfect properly.

2. Disinfect Foot Baths and Keep Records

While pedicures can be beautiful, the service is not free of bacteria and fungi that can quickly pass from client to client. To prevent the spread of germs, remember to clean and disinfect your foot baths after every client. Make sure you record when the cleaning and disinfection occurred and keep the log up to date, therefore you can show your inspector if requested.

3. Properly Reprocess your Tools

Your reusable tools may differ slightly in design, but they must all be cleaned, disinfected or sterilized correctly after each use to ensure client safety. When disinfecting tools, ensure there is enough disinfectant solution in the container to allow for total immersion of tools. Also, make sure to immediately dispose of any tools that cannot be reused and are deemed ‘single-use’, such as emery boards, pumice stones and buffer blocks.

Health inspections are essential to the success of your business, so let us help! Learn about our EPA approved Rejuvenate™ Disinfectants for surfaces and foot baths, and Prevention HLD8™ for tools. We can help you keep your salon or spa free of germs so that you can keep doing what you love.