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How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Education

March 17, 2020

Congratulations to the many salon and spa professionals that have taken Rejuvenate’s online certification to enhance their knowledge of infection prevention. Your understanding of where germs can hide and how they can be transmitted to you and your clients is especially timely given the current COVID-19 outbreak (read: Controlling Coronavirus Part: How to Protect Yourself and Your Salon or Spa). Now that you’ve obtained your training, here are some inspiring ways others are using their certificate to promote themselves and their business.


Put Your Certificate on Display

You’ve received your digital copy, now it’s time to get it printed and proudly displayed for everyone to see. Be sure it’s in a place of prominence in your salon or spa where your clients can’t help but notice it. Print multiple copies if appropriate to include at reception, in your treatment rooms and waiting areas.


Get Your Business Name on the Certificate

Many of you requested a personalized certificate but you can also get one in your salon or spa’s name. Alternatively, if you obtained a business certificate, be sure that all of your staff or colleagues get their own personalized copy. It can also be a part of your on-boarding training requirements with new employees to ensure everyone at your salon or spa has the same level of awareness and education.


Let Your Clients Know

You can make your clients aware that you have obtained specialized training on the topic of infection prevention prior to the start of any treatment or service. The conversation could go something like this: “Hello [Client Name], before we get started, I wanted you to be aware of my training and certification in disinfection and infection prevention. To keep you safe while in our care, I have properly washed my hands, disinfected all my work surfaces, and make use of disposable items wherever possible. Any re-usable tools will be high-level disinfected prior to their use to ensure they are clean and germ free. Do you have any questions or concerns?” This messaging would only take a few seconds but go a long way to re-assuring your clients and perhaps even distinguish your services and treatments from others.


Promote it on Your Website

As potential clients go online to look up your services, pricing, contact info, etc., why not also share your knowledge of infection prevention practices that includes specialized training in disinfection. You can display an image of your certificate and communicate your commitment to keeping a clean and germ-free facility. Be sure to indicate that all of your staff or colleagues have received this training as well.


Get Social

Your self-promotion shouldn’t just be limited to your salon or spa website communication. Perhaps the best place to share your advanced knowledge of disinfection is through all the social channels you maintain. Include it in your bio, profile or about information. Tweet, Instagram or include your certificate in Facebook and LinkedIn posts. Respond to inquiries and comment your support of disinfection best practices. If you send email updates to your clients, you can let them know you are certified or include it in your signature so that they are reminded in every correspondence you send.


We hope we’ve been able to provide some ideas to put your certification and knowledge to good use with your clients and your business. If you’d like to share your stories, we’d love to hear from you and even feature your experiences on our website.


Haven’t got your certificate yet? What are you waiting for—it’s easy, fun, free, and best of all will help keep you and your clients safe. GET CERTIFIED NOW.