This pandemic has forced us all to do things differently, from wearing masks to social distancing, limited capacities, screening, physical barriers, and so on. We can all agree its been a long and exhausting ordeal with little end in sight. Thankfully, many salons and spas have been able to open for business and once again offer treatments and services to their clients in this new, ever-changing world.

Most pro beauty establishments have had to reevaluate their infection prevention practices and implement protocols and policies to keep their staff and clients safe. Today, turning over that OPEN SIGN also includes an invitation to unwanted germs that may inadvertently accompany staff, clients, and others coming into your facility. Thats why its important always to remain vigilant and never take anything for granted.

One area of continued concern is surface contamination, where viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens can be deposited onto hard objects and threaten users who may interact with them. That can include reception surfaces, pay devices, work stations, equipment, furniture, and other items. While its important to sanitize and wash your hands often, its equally important to keep those surfaces germ-free by disinfecting after every client interaction.

One of the easiest ways to undertake this task is with a disinfectant wipe. Simply wipe a surface, allow for the required dwell or wet time, and youre ready for your next appointment. Up until now, hospitalgrade disinfectant wipes have been available in large containers that may take up precious space on your workstations, counters, and other service and treatment areas. And lets face it, their appearance hasn’t always fit the aesthetic of your salon or spa.

Thats why we launched a new disinfectant format in a smaller, more sleek size. Introducing Rejuvenate Special Edition Wipes, your new partner in salon and spa infection prevention. Its smaller footprint means you can place it anywhere without taking up too much space in your work areas. The design is deliberately different from other disinfectants, more in keeping with the look and feel of your salon or spa. Who said disinfection has to be ugly when it can be beautiful?

Rejuvenate Special Edition Wipes deliver EPA registered disinfection, in as little as 1 minute, including efficacy against the virus that causes COVID-19. They come with no harsh odors or chemical smell and are non-irritating to the eyes and skin. Our new format and attractive design have become a handy addition to keeping salons and spas safe across America. Now you can proudly show your clients you keep their safety top of mind and in front of you.