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Make Smart Purchases for a Smarter Business

March 30, 2018

Whether you own a salon or spa, rent a chair in one, or provide salon or spa services out of your own home, your clients’ health and well-being is of utmost concern! Maintaining a salon or spa that is free of pathogens doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can start your business off on the right foot, just by purchasing professional equipment that is easy to maintain everyday. Learn below what you should look for the next time you go shopping! 




You are busy, which is why reprocessing tools and disposing of single-use instruments needs to be quick and easy to do. This starts with purchasing high quality tools that are easy to clean and disinfect.


Consider asking the following questions before purchasing tools:


  • Are they reusable or single use?
  • Are they high quality stainless steel?
  • Do they have nooks and crannies that will be hard to clean, disinfect or sterilize correctly?
  • Do they have electrical components? If so, can they be cleaned or disinfected?

When purchasing tools, don’t get carried away by the glitz and glam; remain practical.




Just as it is important to purchase the right tools also consider the ease of cleaning and disinfecting larger permanent items that are frequently used throughout the day. Items such as countertops, foot baths, sinks, and so forth.


Consider asking the following questions before purchasing spa equipment and furniture:


  • Are these items hard, non-porous surfaces?
  • Is the equipment easy to clean and disinfect?
  • Are the surfaces robust enough for regular cleaning and disinfection?
  • Are your foot baths circulating (harder to clean) or non-circulating (easy to clean)?

Part of providing salon or spa services is also about making sure that you and your customers can enjoy a clean, relaxing and calming space that has been designed for the both of you. Keep these questions in mind for tools and surfaces. Start making smart, informed purchases, today and follow us to learn more on this topic.