With multiple clients requesting your service for a pedicure, it is essential that you properly clean and disinfect foot baths after each use. Here are three tips to help you ensure that your foot baths are always ready for the next customer!

Know the difference between disinfecting circulating and non-circulating foot baths.

Circulating foot baths (also known as whirlpool foot spas), require disinfectant solutions to be distributed throughout the unit after cleaning, due to the piping attached. Concentrated disinfecting products are frequently recommended to disinfect the equipment after each client, as the bath must be filled above the jet line. To ensure the foot bath is disinfected correctly, the solution must be left for the appropriate contact time (how long the surface must remain wet). The product can then be disposed of afterward.

For non-circulating foot baths (also known as simple foot baths), surfaces can be disinfected, after cleaning, with a disinfecting wipe or spray solution. These basins do not require filling the bath to the jet line but simply applying disinfectant to the surface for the required contact time. Overall, non-circulating foot baths are easier and faster to disinfect.

Use disposable liners for non-circulating foot baths.

It is best practice to use disposable liners for your foot baths as it will reduce the buildup of soils in the foot bath, making cleaning and disinfecting easier. These liners should be disposed of immediately after use. You and your team will still have to maintain regular cleaning and disinfecting procedures in-between clients, but this will aid in the overall process and ensure that you are maintaining a safe and welcoming environment.

Follow State Guidelines and Regulations

Recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting foot baths can vary, depending on the state. For example, some boards may require additional cleaning and disinfection outside of typical processes and procedures. They may also recommend completing additional procedures on a weekly basis, etc. We have a list of State Board Guidelines on our website, which will help you remain compliant!

Are you ready to rejuvenate your spa? We offer our Rejuvenate Concentrate solution for circulating foot baths and our Rejuvenate Ready To Use Liquid and Wipes for simple disinfection of your non-circulating foot baths. Through making small changes in your disinfecting practices every day, you can ensure that your clients and staff remain confident in the services that you offer.