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Show it Off: Why You Should Be Proud of Your Disinfectant

July 05, 2019

Why is it that disinfection in many salons and spas tend to be kept a secret? If you’ve made the investment in high-quality disinfectants, you should show them off!


Why? Disinfectants can have a huge role in how a client finds your salon or spa, and why they choose to return. Plus, educating clients about your disinfecting processes can help with building client loyalty and trust. It can also become your point of difference among your competitors. Clients will feel better to learn that you’re using high-quality disinfectant products and processesthat keep their health and safety top of mind.


Here are three ways to help you proudly display your disinfectants:


Tent Cards

Tent cards are used to indicate when a station has been cleaned and disinfected. Use these cards as visible cues to alert staff and clients when a station has been disinfected and is safe to use.



Out of sight = out of mind. Putting your disinfectant brands on display with stickers, labels and window decals is a smart way to market your business as one that cares for the health and safety of clients.



Sometimes clients may even ask you about your disinfection processes. However, trying to explain it to them can be difficult. If possible, offer to show your clients how you disinfect your tools and have protocols handy. You might be surprised at how impressed they’ll be to know the lengths you go to ensure your tools are clean and safe.


Remember: Seeing is believing!