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      The Cost of Disinfection: How to Budget for Disinfectant Products

      September 07, 2019

      Think cleaning and disinfection products are expensive? Think again! Learn how to incorporate your disinfection costs into your service prices, so you can protect the health and safety of clients, while also protecting your pocketbooks.


      To help determine the cost of disinfecting products per client, follow these steps below:


      1. Determine the tools and areas that will require disinfecting after each client, and match each tool and area with a type of disinfectant product (sprays, wipes, concentrate or tool immersion solutions).

      For example, if your salon or spa offers nail services, it will require a high-level disinfectant solution for the nail tools and implements, while surface areas, such as tables and chairs and non-circulating foot baths, require the use of disinfectant sprays or wipes.


      2. Estimate the amount of disinfectant product that’s used per client. This should include all disinfectant products used.

      For example, if clients receive a manicure, you will need to disinfect the nail tools and implements (clippers, cuticle trimmers, nail files, etc.) in a high-level disinfectant solution. Therefore, you should measure how much solution you’ve poured into your soaking tray. You will also need to disinfect the nail station’s table and chair after the client, so estimate how much spray or how many wipes are required to disinfect the areasthat day.


      NOTE: Prevention HLD8 is a high-level disinfectant containing Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®, which allows it to be re-used for up to 21 days. This is a significant cost-effective solution that helps bring down your total disinfection cost per client and is ready-to-use saving you time from mixing.


      3. Divide the cost of your disinfectant products with the amount used per client.

      For example, if you purchased a pack of 160 disinfectant wipes for $13, it costs only $0.08 per wipe! If you use 3 wipes per client, the cost is less than $0.25 per client for safe services!


      4. Then you can add the disinfection cost per client to the corresponding service charge.

      For example, if the disinfection cost per pedicure client is a total of $2 and your pedicure service price is currently $28, the increased service price using a professional grade disinfectant would only be $30.00.  


      Reminder: It’s important to use the required amount of disinfectant, as stated on the product label. Don’t cut back on the amount of product used or skip any of the disinfection steps, as that could severely impact the disinfection procedure and put the health and safety of clients at risk.