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The Myths vs. Reality of Disinfection

August 18, 2019

Think you know everything there is to know about disinfecting your salon or spa? Test your knowledge with five myths and truths about disinfectants.

1. TRUE OR FALSE: Disinfectants can be environmentally friendly.

TRUE! Disinfectant products containing Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® are tough on bacteria, viruses and fungi, but remain gentle on the environment. Since hydrogen peroxide breaks down to water and oxygen, it’s non-toxic and biodegradable.  


2. TRUE OR FALSE: Cleaning is never required when using a disinfectant.

FALSE! Cleaning removes dirt and debris, plus it helps reduce or eliminate the potential of pathogenic organisms. Since disinfectants are designed to work on lightly soiled surfaces, it’s important to thoroughly clean your surfaces and tools prior to disinfection.  


3. TRUE OR FALSE: Disinfectants are time-consuming and difficult to use.

FALSE! Though some disinfectants can take up to 10 minutes of contact time to kill pathogens, others only require as little as 1 minute for bacteria and viruses. Plus, they are available in convenient, easy-to-use wipes, sprays and concentrate solutions.


4. TRUE OR FALSE: Some Tool and Implement disinfectant solutions can be re-used.

TRUE! Most tool and implement disinfectant applications are meant for one-time use, however Prevention HLD8 is a high-level disinfectant liquid solution for salon and spa tools, and can be re-used for up to 21 days in a soaking tray, with test strips used to validate the concentration of the solution. Prevention HLD8 is an above standard disinfectant that exceeds state guidelines for tool disinfection.


5. TRUE OR FALSE: Disinfection can be simple/easy.

TRUE! Disinfecting doesn’t have to be intimidating. Rejuvenate has disinfectant sprays, wipes and concentrate solutions that are easy to implement into any salon or spa.


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