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Why Protocols are Important to Your Spa or Salon

September 24, 2020

Every time we board an airplane, the crew are already busy going through their pre-flight checklists to ensure the safety of passengers and crew in preparation for take-off. Once underway, travellers are provided with emergency instructions and printed guides are within easy reach in every seat pocket to refamiliarize us with the plane’s safety procedures. These routines among many others, have made the airline industry one of the safest forms of travel in the United States.


With the coronavirus pandemic, the need to protect worker and client safety, has necessitated a shift in the way beauty professionals go about delivering their services and treatments similar to airline take-off preparations. The risk of exposure to pathogens that can spread deadly infection has underscored the need for the equivalent of pre-flight checklists and accessible guidelines in salons and spas. Only with a standard set of practices and routines in place, can the pro beauty industry open with confidence given the profound challenges it is presently facing.

"In a recent survey, 61% of Americans say they would feel more confident if the facility has implemented additional cleaning and disinfecting protocols, which includes professional application of a disinfectant or sanitizer."

In addition to the psychological benefits of knowing your pro beauty establishment is addressing the threat of lingering pathogens, here are FIVE REASONS why you should be implementing a PROTOCOL STRATEGY in your spa or salon:

1. Deliver Consistency

Stopping the spread of pathogens is a team effort—everyone needs to do their part. However, when it comes to disinfection, there are widely different practices and levels of awareness with regard to proper product selection, application and use directions. The need for a single standard of germicidal activity when it comes to facility disinfection ensures the job is done correctly by everyone each and every time.

2. A Focused Way of Thinking

Not all areas within a spa or salon pose the same risk level of exposure to pathogens. And while it’s good to take additional precautions during any kind of an outbreak, awareness of high client touch points should be especially noted. By isolating each workstation, each treatment area and each potential opportunity for cross contamination and infection, protocols help take the necessary measures to identify and address these potential hot spots.

3. The Right Tools for the Right Job

One disinfecting product for work stations, another for reception, treatment areas, washrooms, door handles, equipment, etc. is no way to ensure consistency and standards that are universally applied everywhere. A written protocol does away with the guesswork and uncertainty of what cleaner/disinfectants to use, the pathogens being targeted, application methods, contact times, disposal and any user safety precautions (like use of PPE). One protocol—one way of doing things—one solution.

4. A Client Facing Approach

Once a spa or salon has developed a set of protocols, they can be printed out for posting near each workstation, treatment area and other potential sources of contamination. Not only will this remind staff of their cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities between each appointment, but clients are also presented with a visual reminder that proper disinfection practices are in place and being regularly followed.

5. Provides Confidence

In times of uncertainty, beauty professionals and their clients alike, need reassurance to know spas and salons are doing everything they can to make for a safe environment free from the potential exposure to deadly pathogens. Disinfection protocols deliver confidence and the peace of mind knowing there’s one less thing to worry about in the day to day, safe running of your facility.


Build Your Own Disinfection Protocols Today

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