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The disinfection process of tools and implements in a salon or spa is only as effective as the person following the instructions. Tools need to be properly cleaned and dried before being placed in the disinfectant to ensure the liquid remains uncontaminated and undiluted. This will give you the best results every time for the entire use of your liquid!

  1. Methodically scrub all disinfectable implements and tools with soap and water.
  2. Completely rinse all implements and tools.
  3. Thoroughly dry all implements and tools.
  4. Place implements and tools in the disinfectant.
  5. Fully submerge for the stated amount of time on the label (HLD8 is only 8 minutes).
  6. Rinse the tools and implements with clean water.
  7. Fully dry implements and tools.
  8. Store implements and tools in container labeled “clean”.

Optional – if you rinsed the tools while in a soaker tray be sure to dry the tray before putting it back into the disinfectant to avoid diluting or “watering down” the disinfectant.