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Rejuvenate™ Concentrate for Circulating Foot Baths


Disinfect in as little as: 5 Minutes!

EPA Registered

5 MINUTE Virucide / Bactericide / Fungicide

Available in 1 Gallon Concentrate Format (Dilute 1:16)

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Easy to Use Steps

(Between each Client)


Step 1

Drain water from basin and remove visible debris using detergent and water solution.




Step 2

Fill the basin with cool water to above jet line. Measure the volume of required Rejuvenate™ Concentrate to make a 1:16 dilution and add to basin (1 1/2 oz of silicone-based antifoam may be added to prevent excessive foaming during circulation).




Step 3

Allow the foot bath to circulate with the disinfectant for 30 seconds. Turn off jets and let solution sit for 5 minutes.




Step 4

Drain the foot bath and refill with clean water. Circulate and rinse for 30 seconds. Turn off the jets and drain.

Download print-friendly version of these steps including instructions for "End of Day Disinfection".



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