Whether you’re open for business or still on lockdown, here’s a handy list of items you should be considering to ensure your facility is ready to keep you and your clients safe.


  • Undertake a team huddle to communicate any new policies and procedures you are implementing in the new norm to keep all staff safe.
  • Address Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements so they are being applied consistently.
  • Ensure staff are all infection prevention certified. Get them to take courses and print out their
    certificates for display at their workstations.
  • Ensure hand washing is enforced rigorously and frequently.
  • Task someone as “Infection Prevention Manager” whose role includes training, education, compliance, protocol implementation and someone you can identify to clients.
  • Determine sick policies to ensure symptomatic employees stay home until they are better.
  • Address Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements so they are being applied consistently.
  • Meet regularly to discuss any challenges, required modifications to policy, suggestions, etc. 


  • Determine what physical changes may need to take place in your salon or spa to accommodate social distancing (eg. eliminating waiting areas).
  • Indicate your readiness for infection prevention with window communication like your policies, new hours, distancing requirements, position on walk-in appointments and window clings.
  • Will there be client forms to fill out, different payment policies, cancellation and booking options?
  • Reduce the number of active workstations or treatment areas to avoid close contact staff to staff and client to client.
  • Make reception your first line of defense and communication where you can screen clients, provide PPE, have hand sanitizing take place and communicate policy changes to your treatments.
  • Be sure to acknowledge returning customers and be aware not all may display the same level of comfort and ease with your policies. Have procedures and language in place to address potentially difficult situations or confrontations.
  • Avoid offering any items that can be touched by multiple clients like magazines, treatment cards, self-serve coffee, nail polish, lotions, charging stations, etc.
  • Consider implementing a “coronavirus surcharge” to offset the additional costs associated with infection prevention. Determine if it’s mandatory or voluntary and be ready to explain why.
  • Are your marketing and promotional materials up to date and reflective of your new policies, hours, treatments, prices, position on symptomatic clients, walk-ins, etc.
  • Are your website and social channels up to date? Are you promoting your infection prevention certification to let clients know your salon or spa is committed to a higher level of disinfection?
  • Undertake an inventory of your cleaning and disinfecting products. Check for expiry dates and read all label language to ensure you’re using them correctly, especially the contact times.
  • Now is the time to take your disinfecting products out of the closet and place them throughout your facility for easy access including work stations, reception, washrooms and other high touch areas.
  • If using diluted bleach for disinfection, it must be made up everyday (and discarded everyday) so consider using Rejuvenate Concentrate that can be used diluted for up to 90 days.
  • Develop a “deep clean” procedure for closing and opening each day that involves additional disinfection measures and practices. Consider putting together a checklist of “to do’s” and who is responsible. The list can even be publicly posted for your clients to see. 


  • Communicate your new policies to clients when they book an appointment, go to your website, follow your social channels, at reception and prior to any treatments or services.
  • Let clients know they may have to wait between appointments in order for staff to physically clean and disinfect work stations and treatment areas prior to being seen.
  • Ask if your client is feeling unwell or is showing any signs of flu-like symptoms. Be ready to turn them away if they are unwell and have consisting messaging and guidelines you can point to.
  • Inform clients that they may need to use PPE prior to their appointment in order to set expectations and avoid unnecessary confrontations. 
  • Let your clients know that you may not be able to provide all the services and treatments that they were used to receiving during re-opening like hair blow drying or water therapies, etc.
  • Let your clients know they may not be allowed to bring in their coffees or outside food.
  • Prior to a treatment or service, let your clients know what measures were taken to keep them safe while in your care. Be prepared to address any of their questions or concerns.
  • Share your certification and knowledge of infection prevention best practices.
  • Let your clients know you appreciate their business during these tough times.  


  • Implement a list of protocols and practices that will be followed between each client treatment or service.
  • Have your surface disinfectants on display so your clients can see them being used.
  • Use tent cards to communicate your area’s readiness for service.
  • Ensure all disposable or one time use items are discarded. High level disinfect all manicure and pedicure tools according to state or cosmetology regulations. Disinfect all surfaces, equipment, devices, chairs and other client touch points after every client appointment.
  • Observe the correct contact time for your disinfectant to do its job—some will take as long as 10 minutes (Rejuvenate that has a 1 minute contact time).
  • Identify opportunities for cross-contamination: when transferring viruses and bacteria from one surface, object or piece of equipment to another as a result of staff or client handling/touching
  • Who is responsible for disinfecting common areas like reception, washrooms, chairs, treatment beds, handles, switches, retail areas, break rooms, etc.
  • If using diluted bleach for disinfection, it must be made up everyday (and discarded everyday) so consider using Rejuvenate Concentrate that can be used diluted for up to 90 days.
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