The “New Norm” will require proactive conversations with your clients about the measures you’re taking to protect them while in your spa or salon. Here are some talking points you can use to share your knowledge of infection prevention best practices.

“Before we get started with your treatment/service, I wanted you to know that I have received training and certification in infection prevention to keep you safe. If you have any concerns or questions, please ask me.”

“To keep you safe while in our care, we clean and disinfect all our work station surfaces including furniture, equipment and devices between EACH appointment. I appreciate your patience while I get things ready for your treatment/service.”

“I have properly washed my hands, disinfected all my work surfaces, and make use of disposable items wherever possible. Any re-usable tools will be high-level disinfected prior to their use to ensure they are clean and germ free.“

“We only use professional disinfectants developed specifically for use in spas (or salons). They are hospital grade and EPA approved for use against coronavirus as well as other viruses, bacteria and fungi.”

“We use a fast-acting disinfectant that kills viruses, like coronavirus, and bacteria in just 1 minute”. Your safety is important to us but so is your time.

“Did you know the disinfectants we use are biodegradable in keeping with our mission of offering a healthy eco-friendly environment”.

“The disinfectants we’ve chosen for use in our spa (or salon) achieve the perfect balance between efficacy and safety. They’re powerful against germs yet gentle on you and our staff”.

“Did you know the technology used in our disinfectants is also used in hospitals, veterinary facilities and aboard cruise ships and airplanes? It’s also being used on the International Space Station because it’s odor-free and non-toxic.”

“We disinfect all surfaces between each client with a user-friendly product called Rejuvenate™ (point to canister or tent card). They only take 1 minute to kill all germs and viruses that can lead to infection.

“Your safety is of utmost importance to us. We monitor our clients for flu-like symptoms and disinfect all surfaces and customer touch points on a regular basis to provide you with a safe infection-free facility.

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