Reputation is crucial for your spas overall success and growth. However, poor hygiene and sanitation practices can contribute to health violations and negative customer reviews, which can slow down your business. This webinar will reveal how promoting your cleaning and disinfection practices can ensure client safety, build customer trust and protect your business.  


In this webinar, Siobhain Sweetingham BSc., Infection Prevention Expert for Virox ProBeauty and Rejuvenate Disinfectants, will address:

  • How to educate your clients on your sanitation practices and build client loyalty
  • How to ensure your staff are up to date on their infection prevention training
  • The best practices for cleaning and disinfecting your spa surfaces, foot baths, equipment and tools to meet your state guidelines
  • How to market your spa as a safe and healthy environment
  • Introduction to a new line of disinfectants designed specifically for spas 

At the conclusion of the webinar, you will be eligible to receive a personalized certificate you can display in your salon/spa and share through social.