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      March 05, 2019

      Circulating versus Non-Circulating Foot Baths. What’s the difference when it comes to disinfection?

      A non-circulating foot bath is one where the client’s feet come in contact with water that is NOT being pumped though internal piping. This is not to be confused with those new devices which agitate the water but keep the water isolated in the bowl.

      In these instances, following surface disinfection guidelines is sufficient. You can for example, use Rejuvenate Wipes or spray and allow the surface to remain wet according to your state’s guidelines (See: Did you know disinfection regulations vary from state to state? How do I know what applies to me?).

      For circulating foot baths where the water goes through an external pump (usually located inside the chair) a higher level of disinfection is required since germs often breed in the enclosed pipes. In those cases, a liquid disinfectant like Rejuvenate Concentrate can be run through the pipes for five minutes.

      Here are the specific steps to follow: "How to Disinfect Circulating Foot Baths between each Client and at End of Day." Click here for 2 Page PDF