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      March 05, 2019

      Hair removal and germ removal—is there a connection?


      Protecting yourself and your clients from the transmission of germs and bacteria should be your number one priority. Most techniques associated with hair removal utilize one-time use procedures to ensure no bugs are left lingering.

      But some tools of the trade like tweezers, scissors, metal spatulas, scoops, etc. that are re-used need to be cleaned and disinfected after every customer. In those instances, Prevention HLD8 can be used (no dilution or mixing required). In just 8 minutes your tools are high-level disinfected and can be safely used again.

      Best of all, no need to throw that solution away at the end of each day as it’s good for up to 21 days! How convenient is that?

      See below for the simple how to use protocol for Prevention HLD8: "How to High Level Disinfect Tools using Prevention™ HLD8." Click here for 1 Page PDF