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      March 05, 2019

      How do I high level disinfect my tools?


      There are a number of ways you can disinfect tools—but we have something we think is kind of cool in that regard. Our HLD8 product gets poured right into a soaking tray ready to use— therefore no diluting or mixing required. The product achieves high level disinfection, for your tools such as: tweezers, comedone extractors, nail clippers, cuticle pushers, lash extension tools and other stainless steel tools.

      Your tools must be first cleaned, rinsed and dried, and then submersed in HLD8 in the soaking tray. After 8 minutes they’re high level disinfected!

      That means you can rotate tools between customers quickly and confidently. Best of all, no need to throw out that liquid at the end of the day because you can re-use it for up to 21 days for great cost savings! How neat is that?

      Here are the steps depicted visually: "How to High Level Disinfect Tools using Prevention™ HLD8." Click here for 1 Page PDF