Frequently Asked Questions

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      March 05, 2019

      I’m a Lash Artist, what can you do for me?


      We have disinfectants that will keep you, your clients and tools safe from pesky germs. We do so by providing solutions that are VOC-free, come with no odor, are safe to dispose of down the drain and are EPA/FDA registered.


      Our tool disinfectant known as HLD8 can high level disinfect your lash tweezers and other tools in just 8 minutes. With any tool that may come into contact with the eyes or other mucous membranes, high level disinfection provides the added level of care needed.


      When it comes to lashes, we know you have to get up right close and personal with your clients—”in their face” if you’ll excuse the pun. But that doesn’t mean your disinfectant has to be all up in your face with harsh smells and chemical fumes. Our wipes even kill blood borne pathogens like HIV in one minute, keeping your surfaces clean and safe.