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      October 22, 2019

      What is "cross contamination” and is it still a risk if I'm wearing gloves?



      Wearing gloves will certainly protect you from germs and getting an infection but it won’t protect your treatment areas and your clients. Think of it as a game of tag—you’ve just come in contact with a pathogen (a dangerous germ) through contact with your client and now it’s on your gloves. Then you reach for a cotton swab from a jar, and now it’s spread to the lid. Then you use a tool and it’s spread there too! Same goes for your nail polish, handles, chair, etc. Once your client leaves, you discard those gloves and put on a fresh pair only to re-touch all those infected surfaces and objects—that’s contamination which can be spread to your next client, and so on. By the end of the day, you have “germaggedon" taking over everything! 


      The correct process is to lay out everything you will need for a treatment so you’re not having to open containers, drawers or cupboards. Then, during treatment only touch objects that will be disposed of (one-time use) or disinfected like tools. If you need to get anything, discard your gloves and handle with your bare hands. That way you’ve broken the chain of cross contamination and isolated any unwanted germs. The safest bet is to wipe disinfect all surfaces or objects that may have been in contact (directly or indirectly) with your client before taking your next appointment.