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      June 26, 2020

      What is the difference between Rejuvenate Concentrate and Prevention HLD8?

      Rejuvenate™ concentrate is an EPA-registered surface disinfectant, which is designed for use on a wide range of surfaces (not tools) throughout your facility. This might include footbaths, workstations, counters, reception areas and other large surfaces. The concentrated product is designed to be diluted at a ratio of 1:16, and should be allowed to remain wet on the surface for a contact time of five minutes.


      Prevention HLD8™ is a high-level disinfectant formulated specifically for immersing tools and implements. Unlike Rejuvenate™, Prevention HLD8™ is a high-level disinfectant, which is registered with the FDA rather than the EPA. As such, Prevention HLD8™ exceeds the recommendations of most state guidelines, providing a higher level of protection. Instruments should be pre-cleaned with detergent and water, dried, and immersed in a container of Prevention HLD8™ for 8 minutes. Tools should then be removed, rinsed and dried before reuse. The HLD8 solution can be reused for up to 21 days, provided it is not visibly soiled and it produces a PASS when verified using a test strip.