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      June 29, 2020

      Why is Prevention™ HLD8 FDA registered? Does it meet my state guidelines?

      The FDA is responsible for approving health care high-level disinfectants in the USA for use on semi-critical tools. Therefore, our Prevention™ HLD8 tool disinfectant solution is FDA registered. Prevention™ HLD8 exceeds most state guidelines as an acceptable FDA-approved high-level disinfectant for use on tools and semi-critical devices. While most state guidelines only require the use of an EPA-registered intermediate-level disinfectant which require 10 to 30 contact times, using an FDA-registered high-level disinfectant like Prevention™ HLD8 can provide an added layer of protection, with the added benefit of not needing to dispose of the solution every day where we are not only meeting expectations but exceeding them!

      Our surface disinfecting products, like Rejuvenate™ Wipes, spray and concentrate are EPA registered, since the EPA is only responsible for reviewing surface disinfectants.


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