By using high-quality cleaning and disinfection products, you can take a step towards improving your spa and salons business. Here’s how:

It Creates a Safe Environment

It’s crucial to follow safe practices in your salon, both for clients and staff. For clients, that means ensuring you clean and disinfect your surfaces, tools and foot baths between each service to prevent infections. For staff, it means making sure your team members remain healthy and don’t suffer ill-effects from any chemicals used in the salon. Many disinfectants are made with harsh, potentially irritating chemicals, but harsh chemicals don’t necessarily provide better disinfection. Rejuvenate™ disinfectants are non-irritating to the eyes and skin, non-toxic, and scent-free. This gentle, environmentally friendly product provides effective cleaning and disinfection while protecting you and your staff.

It Helps You Comply With Regulations

To comply with state guidelines, it’s important to use EPA-registered disinfectants appropriately. These disinfectants have been evaluated to confirm they effectively eliminate germs listed on the product label and also to validate the safety rating of the product. Professional-grade disinfectant products like Rejuvenate™, are EPA-registered, while being safer for you and designed specifically for the spa and salon setting. Therefore, Rejuvenate™ will do more than just help you avoid costly fines from your state board; it’s also a great way to set you apart as a safe, healthy salon. Remember to review your specific state board guidelines for cleaning and disinfection!

It Speeds Up Your Service Time

Depending on the product, it can be time-consuming to properly clean and disinfect surfaces, tools, and foot baths in your spa or salon. Many products require a surface to remain wet for 10-minutes to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Since cleaning and disinfection must happen between each client, the time adds up. With Rejuvenate™ products, they have a shorter contact time, and effectively kill pathogens in as little as one minute. The time saved using fast products will lessen wait times, leading to more happy customers and a booming business.

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