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AT ANY GIVEN TIME, your business is under threat by an invisible army of pathogens. Disease-causing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi can often strike when least expected and we have all learned from The best cleaning and disinfection the COVID-19 pandemic that infections can bring our businesses and communities to a standstill. As germs continue to mutate and spread in the future, prevention will be our first and best line of defense in the war against pathogens.

Mundane but Necessary

While cleaning and disinfection may not be glamorous, they are the most important weapons in your arsenal to prevent the spread of infection. In fact, cleaning and disinfection save lives. We can no longer think of them as a box to tick, and unless you’re completely independent, if you work in a clinic, spa or any other shared space you are part of a team responsible for the infection prevention practices within your place of employment. protocols are only as effective as their weakest link. Luckily, we can break protocols down into six simple steps:

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