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BELIEVE IT OR NOT, there was a time before the COVID-19 pandemic that we did not disinfect every object in a public place before we touched it. While disinfection has always been a priority in treatment rooms, we didn’t fret about disinfecting the reception area or other non-treatment spaces every half hour. And yet clients and staff felt safe. We can return to those simpler times and those feelings of comfort, but to do that, we must educate ourselves and learn the proper way to ensure the safety of ourselves, our spa’s staff and clients. When we do that, we can reopen our spas with confidence.

It’s important to recognize that not all disinfectants are created equally, so Virox Technologies Inc., creators of Rejuvenate Surface Disinfectants and the Prevention HLD8 Tool Disinfectant, recommends keeping these four things in mind when choosing the product to disinfect your spa or salon:

EFFECTIVENESS: It must be able to handle a broad spectrum

of pathogens. Some disinfectants on the market must stay wet on a surface for 10 minutes in order to work, and that’s not an efficient use of your time.

SAFETY PROFILE: It should be non-toxic and non-irritating to the user. It should not corrode your surfaces or tools nor leave behind residue on the surface after disinfection. Some disinfectants leave active residue on the surface after disinfection.

EASE OF USE: The product should be convenient to use like a pre-moistened wipe as opposed to a more complicated setup that might require mixing or activation that would introduce user error.

PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT: Look for a product that is biodegradable to reduce the footprint on the environment. Of course, any product that a spa uses to disinfect surfaces should be deemed effective against COVID-19 by the Environmental Protection Agency and work quickly to minimize downtime. Rejuvenate Disinfectants meets both requirements, with their ready-to-use wipe and spray liquid needing only one minute of contact time and the concentrate needing only five.

The heightened awareness from guests is a great opportunity to boast your commitment to these practices and highlight where you exceed your state cosmetology guidelines by using a high-level disinfectant (designed for disinfecting medical devices) on your tools. The spas that will be most successful in the aftermath of COVID-19 will be the ones that can not only properly disinfect their surfaces and tools but can also explain why it is safe for guests. There is a reputational cost for the spa that cannot properly communicate its disinfection practices.

Interested in developing a custom disinfection protocol for your spa? Rejuvenate Disinfectants is launching a FREE Disinfection Protocol Builder at It is a customizable, one-stop tool that will help spa professionals and other professional beauty establishments create their own Disinfection Protocols for every area of the spa and explain cleaning and disinfection practices. These protocols can be printed and proudly displayed for guests to see—and most importantly, feel safe.

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