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Safer for You, Safer for the Planet, Tough on Germs

Designed for use in Spas and Salons where broad-spectrum germicidal performance in a short contact time is required.




Rejuvenate™ Ready to Use Spray and Wipes for Non-Circulating Foot Baths


Disinfect in as little as: 1 Minute!

EPA Registered

1 MINUTE Virucide / Bactericide | 5 MINUTE Tuberculocide | 10 MINUTE Fungicide

Available in Convenient 22 FL Oz Spray Bottle and 6"x7" Wipes Formats

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Easy to Use Steps

(Between each Client)


Step 1

Drain basin and remove any visible debris.




Step 2

Clean basin with a clean brush and detergent or use Rejuvenate™ RTU or Wipes. Rinse and drain.



Step 3

Disinfect basin with Rejuvenate™ RTU or Wipes ensuring surface remains wet for as little as 1 minute.




Step 4

Drain and rinse with clean water.

Download print-friendly version of these steps "Non-Circulating Foot Bath Disinfection".



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