Elevate Your Sanitation Expertise — Get Certified

Meet Malory our Salon Manager. She will be your guide to best sanitation practices in your nail salon. This free online course consists of three separate modules that will take you a total of 45 minutes. Each module ends with 5 questions to test your knowledge of what you’ve learned. Once complete, you can download your own personalized certificate. Be sure to click the audio play button for narration.


Online Module Part 1

Learning Time: 15 Minutes
What is Infection Prevention and Control? What are typical germs found in nail salons that you should be aware of? Important definitions. Working with disinfectants: what many people overlook. LEARN NOW >


Online Module Part 2

Learning Time: 15 Minutes
Now that you know about germs, learn how to confront them in your salon, including surfaces, tools and foot baths. Client Consultations—are they important? (spoil alert: yes, they are) LEARN NOW >


Online Module Part 3

Learning Time: 15 Minutes
There are many disinfectants you can use but what’s the right one for your salon, your health and safety, your clients and also kind to the planet? Here’s what you need to know to make the right choice. LEARN NOW >

Once you receive your certificate, here are some GREAT IDEAS to help promote what you've just learned in your spa or salon. 


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