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Prevention™ HLD8 is a 2% Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide™ formulation that provides high level disinfection of tools and implements in only 8 minutes without the use of harsh chemicals. It can be re-used for up to 21 days in a soaking tray, costing less than a $1 a day.


Prevention™ HLD8
High Level Disinfectant


Up to 21 DAY RE-USE in a Soaking Tray

FDA Cleared / Approved

Disinfects Tools and Implements in 8-MINUTES

8 MINUTE Tuberculocide / Virucide / Bactericide / Fungicide

No special ventilation needed and leaves behind no toxic residues

Available in 1 Gallon Bottle Ready to Use Format

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For Use On 


  • Nail clippers
  • Cuticle scissors and pushers
  • Drill bits (excl. carbide)
  • Callus removers
  • Metal foot files
  • Tweezers
  • Plastic clipper guards
  • Crochet hooks
  • Razor handles
  • Clippers
  • Comedone extractors
  • Microblading handles
  • Glass and metal suction cups


Easy to Use Steps


Step 1

Clean instruments using water, detergent and brush (or ultrasonic clean).




Step 2

Rinse with water and dry thoroughly.




Step 3

Fully immerse tools in Prevention HLD8 for 8 MINUTES. Re-use solution for multiple applications up to 21 Days (use Test Strips to validate).




Step 4

Rinse tools with water and leave to air dry or dry manually using clean, lint-free cloth.





Step 5

Store in a clean, closed container labeled "Disinfected" to protect from potential contamination.

Download print-friendly version of these steps "Tool Disinfection".




How to Validate


1 Dip, 2 Hold, 3 Match


Use Prevention HLD8 Test Strips to validate the required concentration of hydrogen peroxide during the 21 day re-use period.

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