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Although COVID-19 has catapulted the concept of infection prevention to the forefront of our daily lives, the rules of the game haven’t changed when it comes to cleaning and disinfection. However, this increased awareness of the importance of infection prevention and clear understanding of the general public and clients play in disease transmission gives us an opportunity to examine whether our protocols are up to scratch. Also, many guidelines and regulations have been updated to expand on best practices for preventing infections in personal service environments. With cold and flu season on the horizon and any future outbreaks we might see, the need for effective cleaning and disinfection isn’t going away any time soon. In this webinar, topics will include:


  • The basic building blocks on an infection prevention program for massage services;
  • How to select the ideal disinfectant to achieve compliance with best practices and regulations;
  • Avoiding common mistakes surrounding cleaning and disinfection, and ensuring that your protocols are offering your facility the protection it needs against the threat of infection.