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From Panic to Zen: Professional Beauty's resilience in the face of a pandemic (1:03:13)

December 10, 2020


When the pandemic hit, the professional beauty industry was shaken to its core. Salons and spas were suddenly forced to navigate ever-changing guidelines whilst working diligently to keep staff, and clients safe. This isn’t the first pandemic and it certainly won’t be the last, however, the newly implemented changes have set them up for success in the future should a situation like this arise again.


Listen as this group of experts reflect on the changes they observed in the industry over this past year from the perspective of distribution, associations, and biosecurity. Here is what you will learn:


Biosecurity expert Nicole Kenny cuts through the noise of disinfectants to help you best understand how to select the ideal disinfectant for you.


Universal’s Dafne Berlanga sheds some light on how the pandemic shaped distribution and important lessons learned to ensure that you remain supplied with everything you need.


Joanna Roche explores key learnings from Green Spa Network and the importance of having a community to turn to during chaotic times.

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