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 Avoiding Inspection Violations

Our disinfectants are a quick and convenient way to meet Local, State, and Health regulations while keeping your staff and customers safe from toxic chemicals and fumes. That's just good business all round.





“I can’t afford to
have my salon
closed down or
suffer negative
reviews because
of a bad inspection.”





3 Common Inspection Violations

  1. Salon dirt & debris build-up. SOLUTION.
  2. Failure to clean foot baths (especially removable parts). SOLUTION.
  3. No disinfection of implements and tools after every customer. SOLUTION.

Achieving the Right Balance

Powerful disinfectants are easy to formulate, however they are often quite toxic. The challenge is to remain potent AND minimize toxicity. Our disinfectants achieve the right balance by being tough on germs but gentle on people AND the planet. READ MORE >




Responsible Disinfectants Designed for You, your CUSTOMERS and the ENVIRONMENT

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