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On May 5th, healthcare professionals and individuals from around the world celebrated World Hand Hygiene Day! World Hand Hygiene Day, launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2009, educates individuals on the importance of adopting proper hand washing techniques to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. While this program was typically designed for workers in the healthcare industry, here are three reasons why cosmetologists should educate themselves on hand washing best practices.

1. Stay Healthy!

This year, the WHO is focusing on educating people about sepsis, and septic shock! Now there are many reasons why someone may contract sepsis, but a common cause is an infection in the bloodstream. Infections occur more frequently and easily than we may think, especially in salon and spas. Not only can infected tools, acupuncture and piercing equipment contribute to the spread of harmful bacteria but also when contaminated surfaces come into contact with non-intact skin. It is estimated that over 30 million patients a year are affected by sepsis, making it an issue every worker should be aware of.

2. Protect Your Clients and Yourself

In an industry where professionals must use their hands throughout the day and touch a client’s skin, regular hand washing can keep yourself and your clients safe from germs. Open sores, cuts, burns and skin irritations can become a potential area for infections. Protective equipment such as gloves do not replace proper hand washing or sanitizing practices! While some clients may question the need for sanitizing their skin before a manicure or pedicure, they will appreciate your concern for their health and well-being once they understand how easily germs can spread.

3. Remain Open For Business!

We all know the phrase, “Time is Money.” If staff are sick due to the flu or a business has to close its doors because of health inspection violations, appointments cannot be booked resulting in lost income. To ensure that you are known as a safe and welcoming salon or spa, implement hand washing and sanitizing practices that everyone on your team can follow!

But WAIT! There’s More.

Maintaining a safe environment in your salon and spa does not end at hand hygiene, however. Hand hygiene is one step towards creating a clean and compliant salon.

If you would like to learn more about World Hand Hygiene Day, just click here! It is a great initiative that we are proud to support year after year.