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Disinfectants are an important part of salon life. Take Prevention HLD8 Tool Disinfectant, for instance;think of it not only as a disinfectant, think of it as another tool that you use to service your clients safely. This tool will only be effective if used the way it is intended to be used and correctly cared for. Suppose it is not cared for or used correctly, like any of your other tools, it could break down and not show the results you expect. Here are some suggestions for ways to make sure your tool disinfectant is performing at its peak abilities.

  1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for use. En sure you are not leaving implements or other items in the liquid for less or more time than the instructions call for. Set a timer and remove the items you are disinfecting when the time is up.
  2. Clean all items to be disinfected thoroughly with soap and water, rinse and dry before placing in the liquid.  Dirt or debris from the items could contaminate the liquid and render it unusable.
  3. Make sure the tools are dry before you put them in the liquid. You can water down the disinfection liquid or discolor it with too much water when the tools have not been dried after washing before putting them into the liquid. This can be especially true for manicure brushes – you may need to let them dry overnight before putting them into the disinfection liquid.
  4. Do not place rusted tools in your disinfectant liquid, as rust can flake off and contaminate the liquid, affecting its ability to work properly.
  5. Suppose you leave your tools in the disinfection tray to rinse them off after disinfection. In that case, it is important that you completely dry the tray before you put it back into the liquid to avoid watering down the liquid from too much water being added to it.
  6. Do not reach into the liquid with your hands to remove the implements or other items. Dirt and oils from your hands could contaminate the disinfectant. Instead, use clean tongs or lift the tray or basket depending on the type of container you use.
  7. If you are using a high-level disinfectant like HLD8 that can be reused for up to 21 days, make sure to set a reminder to change it at 21 days. Also, make sure to replace the solution if it becomes visibly soiled or fails when verified with a test strip. Discoloration can occur if kept longer.