It comes as no surprise that feet are a breeding ground for fungus and disease. Shoes provide the perfect environment for fungus to grow as they thrive in warm and damp environments! What if we told you that salons and spas are a leading cause of fungal foot infections? With pedicure season upon us, learn how you can prevent these infections from impacting your clients.

Recognize the Signs

Nail technicians are experts at what they do but can your team recognize the signs of a foot disease or infection? Warts, athletes foot, and fungal nail infections are common infections that can spread quickly if not properly treated. If a client enters your salon or spa with signs of disease, recommend that they receive the proper treatment before getting a pedicure! Not only will this prevent the infection from spreading, but it will be safer for your client as well.

Take Your Time

We know how quickly your schedule can fill up, especially during the height of pedicure season, but remember to take your time! While there are many ways that you can maximize your time, rushing the disinfection process is not one of them. Implements that have not been appropriately disinfected, foot bath covers that have been reused between patients and disinfectants that have not been correctly diluted can increase the risk of the infection spreading throughout your business!