Frequently Asked Questions

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      Can I use Prevention™ HLD8 to disinfect ultrasound transducers?

      What can I use to disinfect things like cuticle nippers, nail clippers, tweezers, and foot files?

      Do the Prevention™ HLD8 test strips have an expiry date? Why?

      What is the shelf life of Prevention™ HLD8?

      Why is Prevention™ HLD8 FDA registered? Does it meet my state guidelines?

      How should expired Prevention™ HLD8 solution be disposed of?

      How should Prevention™ HLD8 solution be disposed of?

      Can Prevention™ HLD8 be used as a surface disinfectant for countertops, chairs, etc.?

      Can Prevention™ HLD8 be used in an ultrasonic cleaner?

      Do I need to pre-clean my tools before soaking them in Prevention™ HLD8?

      Why are my tools rusting when using the Prevention™ HLD8 solution?

      Why are there test strips for Prevention™ HLD8? How do I use them?

      Why is my Prevention™ HLD8 solution turning cloudy or discolored before the 21-day reuse period?

      Do tools need to be rinsed with water after soaking them for 8 minutes in Prevention™ HLD8?

      What does the 21-day reuse claim on Prevention™ HLD8 mean?

      What are the different levels of disinfection and sterilization?

      What type of tray should I use when soaking my tools in Prevention™ HLD8?

      What is the difference between Rejuvenate Ready to Use liquid and Rejuvenate Concentrate?

      What is the difference between Prevention HLD8 and Barbicide Concentrate?

      What is the difference between Rejuvenate Concentrate and Barbicide Concentrate?

      What is the difference between Rejuvenate Concentrate and Prevention HLD8?

      Are Rejuvenate disinfectants effective against Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

      What is "cross contamination” and is it still a risk if I'm wearing gloves?

      I’ve read Rejuvenate Disinfectants don’t require personal protection equipment (PPE), is that true?

      Can you use Rejuvenate to remove athletes foot or fungus?

      Will using Rejuvenate disinfectants make me look younger?

      I want to say “No” to harsh disinfectants but I don’t know if I can?

      I run a clean and tidy salon, so do I “really” need to worry about disinfection?

      Did you know the technology used in Rejuvenate, is also pet friendly?

      What can happen if I leave my tools soaking in Prevention HLD8 for longer than 8 minutes?

      Did you know our technology was endorsed by some of the biggest stars in the universe?

      What is “Contact Time” and why is it important?

      I’m a Lash Artist, what can you do for me?

      For circulating/ whirlpool foot baths, how do I disinfect after each customer and at the end of the day?

      Circulating versus Non-Circulating Foot Baths. What’s the difference when it comes to disinfection?

      Why clean AND disinfect—aren’t they the same thing?

      What’s wrong with just disinfecting with bleach?

      How do I high level disinfect my tools?

      Take this quiz to determine what kind of disinfectant you would be (if that were a thing).

      Did you know cleaning and disinfection regulations vary from state to state? How do I know what applies to me?

      How long has Rejuvenate been on the market?

      Does Rejuvenate protect against blood borne pathogens like HIV?

      Are “green” disinfectants as effective as the (not so green) disinfectants I’m using now? I want to be good to the planet but I also need effective products.

      I run an all-natural salon and disinfect with all-natural products like vinegar—isn’t that good enough?

      What makes you better than other Eco-friendly products on the market? Why are you so special?

      Hair removal and germ removal—is there a connection?

      What makes Rejuvenate so different from the disinfectants I’m currently using?

      How did you come up with the name Prevention HLD8 for tool disinfection?

      What’s the industry buzz on Rejuvenate’s disinfecting technology specifically formulated for the salon and spa market?

      Are your products FDA or EPA registered?