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      June 26, 2020

      Can Prevention™ HLD8 be used in an ultrasonic cleaner?

      Ultrasonic cleaners are designed and intended to be used to loosen or remove soil from joints, crevices, lumens, and other areas of medical devices that are difficult to clean by other methods. Unless specified by the manufacturer, ultrasonic cleaning cycles do not provide or achieve the level of disinfection needed for tools and equipment.


      Before disinfecting tools and equipment in Prevention ™ HLD8, the tools must be cleaned with a detergent, rinsed, and dried.  Using Prevention ™ HLD8 in an ultrasonic cleaner does not replace the cleaning step.

      The use of an ultrasonic cleaner with Prevention™ HLD8 is not recommended or required, for a few reasons.  We do not have stability or efficacy data to support the use of our products in these machines.  Many Ultrasonic cleaners produce heat which may impact the stability and efficacy of the solution.

      Additionally, ultrasonic machines use an agitating mechanism to help physically clean the tools. The Prevention™ HLD8 solution when agitated may create foam which can have potentially detrimental effects on the machine itself.


      When using Prevention™ HLD8, we would recommend using an appropriate chemical-resistant tray to soak the tools and semi-critical devices.


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