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      June 29, 2020

      How should expired Prevention™ HLD8 solution be disposed of?

      The expiration date of your Prevention™ HLD8 solution will be found on the immediate container. After opening the bottle, the solution remaining in the original container can be stored for up to 90 days until used, provided the 90 days does not extend past the expiration date on the container.

      If dealing with expired Prevention™ HLD8 solution, you can safely and easily dispose of it following the recommendations below, to minimize wear and tear on equipment and the environment.


      1. For small quantities (<1 Gallon):
      2. Turn on the cold-water tap
      3. Pour the solution down the drain with water running
      4. Allow water to run for 3 minutes
      5. Triple rinse empty container
      6. Dispose of the empty container into the recycling

      Prevention™ HLD8 Disposal Protocol


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