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      March 05, 2019

      What is “Contact Time” and why is it important?

      Many people think wiping down a surface with a disinfectant wipe or spray is doing the job of disinfection immediately. But that is not true and even worse, the practice may be exposing you and your unsuspecting customers to germs you thought were gone. 

      “Contact Time” is the amount of time required for a surface to remain wet in order for germicidal activity to take place. It will be noted on the label and will vary anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the kinds of nasty bugs that need to be eliminated. 

      If a product dries too quickly and has a long contact time, it may not reach the contact time therefore you are not achieving true disinfection unless you re-apply. 

      Our Rejuvenate products have short realistic contact times up to 10x faster than the competition, providing you with disinfection confidence.