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Meet Malory, your guide to best sanitation practices in your salon or spa. These free online courses target specific professional beauty practices and consist of three separate modules that will take you a total of 45 minutes to complete. Each module ends with 5 questions to test your knowledge of what you’ve learned. Once complete, you'll be able to receive your personalized certificate. Be sure to click the audio play button for narration.





DISCLAIMER: This Module is intended to provide a brief and general introduction to germs and disinfection in spas and salons. This Module is not a comprehensive or an exhaustive education in disinfection. If you act on the information in this Module, you do so at your own risk. For the Certificate of Completion, please keep in mind that this Certificate is not a guarantee or a prediction of your or your organisation’s ability or success in preventing infection. This is not a substitute for regular training or always reading and following instructions and warnings on products.

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